2010 Pac Coast Umpire Schedule
The slides from Chris Sperry's fantastic coaching clinic
are here for your enjoyment:
Practice and Program Organization


Developing Efficient Infielders
(Powerpoint format
Note that these slides do not contain the video clips
the coach talked about. We are working to provide those
at some point in the future)
All parents who wish to help on the field must fill out and
turn a volunteer form before they can step on the field.


Little League national coaches resource website

Thank you for your interest in volunteering as a coach for SCLL! 

All Salmon Creek Little League Managers & Coaches must complete and/or submit:
1.  SCLL Coach Position Request Form
2.  Little League Volunteer Application*
3.  Concussion Volunteer Certification 4.  Photo copy of a valid Driver’s License  
5.  Coaching Clinic
6.  PCA Double-Goal Coaching Certification (Cannot coach a game until certified)
*Volunteers cannot participate in any SCLL activity with kids (including practices) until their background check has been conducted and they are approved by SCLL.
      2010 Manager/Coach request form
      2010 Volunteer Application
      2010 Concussion Coaches Volunteer Information Sheet
      2010 Concussion Volunteer Certification
     Double Goal Coach Job Description
      2009 Online DGC Course Instructions for Coaches
      SCLL Coach Contract
      SCLL Safety Rules
      SCLL Zero Tolerance Policy
      2009 SCLL Rules and Regulation Changes (2010 rules not yet final)
      Sample Skyview Practice Plan

All applicable coaching forms MUST be signed, returned and APPROVED by SCLL before player interaction 

Additional coaching information: 
Call to Protect class at Our Lady Of Lourdes: SCLL and OLL share a baseball field which is available for National and Pac Coast teams to practice.  Prior to using the field, all adults (manager, coach or parent) interacting with children while on premisis at Our Lady of Lourdes, is required to complete the Call to Protect class. The class is free, to see a schedule and register for the class go to the following website: http://www.seattlearch.org/sep/index.html
Double Goal Coach Certification Program:  All Managers + One Coach from every team throughout the League is REQUIRED to complete the located on-line through the Positive Coaching Alliance at www.positivecoach.org/CertOnline.aspx.  A discounted promotional code can be obtained from the SCLL Coaching Coordinator, Troy Schmidt.  The Double Goal Certification is a one-time certification...once certified, a coach is considered certified throughout his/her coaching career with SCLL.  Note: Manager will not participate in games until he/she is certified plus one coach from their team is certified.
SCLL Coaching Clinics (Feb 2, 7:00pm & Feb 6, 1:00pm):  Managers & Coaches are expected to attend one, if not both being held in the Golds Gym (clinic 1) and Gaiser Middle School gym (clinic 2).  Learn from the best the NW has to offer...Clinic #1 will be run by University of Portalnd Head Coach Chris Sperry and Clinic #2 will be run by long time Dodger scout Hank Jones. Clinic #1 and #2 will cover different material.  If you can not attend either clinic, another 2010 Youth Coaching Clinic will fulfill this requirement.
SCLL's Umpire Clinic:  Although all volunteers are encouraged, one Manager or Coach from each team must attend this clinic. The clinic will be held February 8, 6:30pm in the Salmon Creek Elementary Cafeteria. The clinics will cover all of the SCLL rules & policies including the new rules put into place for 2010.
Draft Dates: National (including National Supplemental Draft): March 3; Pac Coast: March 4; NW8: March 6.
To submit coaching forms, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact SCLL’s Coaching Coordinator, Troy Schmidt: Raider114@comcast.net